Did not expect to be fed on this flight, so it was a plus. No entertainment. Winter months, apart from the holiday season, seem to be the cheapest month to book Rome. Points négatifs : "The request before get into the plane to put an small bag in the suitcase". Points négatifs : "Petit sandwich pas terrible mais toujours mieux que rien ...", Points positifs : "On time, direct flight, friendly crew", Points négatifs : "The check in counters didn't even open till 1.5 hours before the flight took off. In Nice, taxis are quick and easy, but bus services are also an excellent, cost effective option. Points négatifs : "Le retard de vol a été embattant. However, some of my travel companions slept right through the flight. ", Points négatifs : "Didn’t fly was Off loaded", Points positifs : "The crew was very nice and the food and snacks and drinks were very welcoming." Avec KAYAK comparez aussi les offres de dernière minute pour des vols Nice - Rome. Everything else was terrible. Very dry, did not give a choice of food or drink, were serving like they were not happy to be there, afraid to say an extra word, Not polite. The movie selection on both flights was a little disappointing. Points négatifs : "I was one of about 50 passengers who arrived in Bucharest to discover their bags had not been put on the flight. Le mois le moins cher pour prendre l’avion est août. Airline also changed schedule which was a little inconvenient." ", Points positifs : "There was too little space between rows. They pack you in, but for the fare we were paying, we couldn't complain. The captain announced that it cause by the technical problem of the flight earlier but my thinking it cause from over-booking. That was the only disappointment in an otherwise pleasant flight" Long flight with a lot of food, but not the best food. Ciampino is slightly closer to Rome and, while not a major hub, does provide duty-free shopping, snack bars and restaurants. Points négatifs : "Delay in flight, delay in lagguage delivery", Points négatifs : "there is just one main meal that contain ham meat , and am Muslim so I cant eat ham. Not only does exploring Nice provide the chance to make some magical memories, dip into delectable dishes, and tour the local landmarks, but the cheap airfare means you won’t bust your budget. Points négatifs : "Le facial spray de Swiss et les chaussettes qui ne sont pas très agréable!! She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. For connecting flight from international to domestic you required to leave clean zone and go through security check again, then airport is very noisy and gates always changes! ", Points négatifs : "We were happy with everthing", Points positifs : "Crew was kind and gracious." ", Points négatifs : "Not enougth time after checkin", Points négatifs : "The airline lost my checked bag", Points négatifs : "Because I booked tickets with baggage included, and when I was at the airport I had to pay again 50 euro per suitcase. As befits its status as a major hub for air travel throughout Italy, Fiumicino caters to travelers with a range of shopping, restaurants, bars and coffee shops. ", Points positifs : "Nice seats. The fastest direct flights from Nice to Rome take about 1hr 15mins. ", Points positifs : "The flight was smooth and on time. You are in the right place! Athens Swiss airlines ground staff are up there with the worst customer service I’ve seen. Points négatifs : "Flight delayed, no USB port and no entertainment", Points positifs : "Crew great, boarding at Nice very organised, boarding in Amsterdam not so organised!" ", Points positifs : "Received a banana with my meal" Was asked to check my carry on and I haven't seen it since. Points négatifs : "First, they announced that they need some passengers to voluntarily give up the booking in exchange for 280 refunds (a slightly higher rate which not worth to do it) and 1 stopover the fight to Rome which will arrive at 22.00 instead (our flight is 17.35). Réservez au moins 4 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne. Points négatifs : "The food was eatable - but not really good", Points positifs : "Crew was amazing and helpful. Points négatifs : "No snack, no entertainment, and a charge for water. The average price for connecting flights from Rome, Italy to Nice is €169.. As of Sep 21st, the best day for booking to Rome (FCO) is Oct 12th. Pourtant atterrissage prévu initialement vers 11h. Voldiscount.com permet de trouver les tarifs les plus avantageux pour la réservation de votre billet d'avion Nice NCE Rome ROM.L'agence Vol Discount est la référence pour économiser et comparer les tarifs de vols Nice Rome … If I didn't actually pay an extra €60 for the seat I may not feel bad but I feel like I might have been better off without paying for the "upgrade"", Points négatifs : "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. ", Points positifs : "KLM STAFF WERE VERY PROFESSIONAL" Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights. Points négatifs : "there was no online check in available in Riga, which means i could not preselect a seat", Points positifs : "Flat bed, updated aircraft." ", Points positifs : "NOTHING" Reliable and trustworthy pilots. Points négatifs : "Le fait que le terminal et la porte d'embarquement soient changés 35 minutes avant le départ. Points négatifs : "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. Points négatifs : "Food is mediocre and there is no in flight entertainment so thank God for Kindle! It is served by Nice Cote d'Azur Airport, which is only six kilometers from the city center. Explore the Campo de' Fiori, one of the oldest markets in Rome. Le fait que le prix du billet ne comprenait pas les bagages en soute n'était pas clairement précisé. I had to interrupt their not business related conversation to ask my question how to collect miles for this flight to my frequent fliers program, they advised me to serf internet. Older 737 with uncomfortable seats. But otherwise, wonderful food and overall great experience. Points négatifs : "El vuelo se retrasó y teníamos conexión con el tren dos horas después, no dieron opción de nada, simplemente perdimos los pasajes del tren. ", Points positifs : "De la place pour les jambes, vol à l'heure, embarquement rapide" No entertainment and the on board wifi was limited to their intranet. ", Points positifs : "La puntualidad" Whether you’re looking for a grand adventure or just want to get away for a last-minute break, flights from Paris to Nice offer the perfect respite. Dealing with constant traffic for the bathroom. Points négatifs : "Seat comfort", Points positifs : "Crew was great and professional." Les voyageurs souhaitant visiter la Sardaigne, la Sicile, les Pouilles ou la Calabre doivent s'enregistrer sur leurs sites Internet avant leur arrivée et se conformer à la réglementation relative aux voyages. Staff friendly, accommodating. Find all the transport options for your trip from Rome to Nice right here. That's not Kayaks fault. Helpful at check in." It operates 72 services on this route each month and is a favorite among travelers. L’initIative de soutenir une cause humanitaire( les conséquences des incendies en Grèce)" Also, the announcements were very hard to hear because they weren’t loud enough. ", Points positifs : "The seat was fairly comfortable. Partir le matin est en moyenne 19% moins cher que de partir le soir*. Passengers were left on their own to figure out things. Rome : des restrictions de voyage s’appliquent. Easy boarding." Points négatifs : "Had to go through security check in Istanbul", Points positifs : "We had 2 flight attendants (females), one very pleasant and helpful, the younger was alright, I guess she was just ok, not going the extra mile or anything, nor smiling." Toute personne ayant séjourné au Royaume-Uni au cours des 14 jours précédents ne sera pas autorisée à entrer en Italie.Les voyageurs qui ont transité ou séjourné en Arménie, au Bahreïn, au Bangladesh, en Bosnie-Herzégovine, au Brésil, au Chili, au Koweït, en Macédoine du Nord, en Moldavie, à Oman, au Panama, au Pérou et en République Dominicaine ne sont pas admis en Italie, sauf les citoyens italiens/européens/de l'espace Schengen et les membres de leurs familles ainsi que les détenteurs d'un permis de séjour. 26/01/21 COVID 19 - Your flights from Nice; 20/01/21 Nice Côte d’Azur obtient l’ACI Health Accred [...] 13/01/21 Nice rénove sa piste Nord; 13/01/21 Nice termine 2020 tourné vers l'avenir; See all news Food was great. About 15 minutes before boarding time, they announced flight delaying. Flights between some cities may be significantly cheaper if you choose a multi-stop airline ticket. Its streets are adorned by spectacular monuments, most notably the Coliseum, without doubt the most famous landmark in all of Italy.. Get yourself a map and you won't miss out on: the Trevi Fountain, the Arch of Constantine, the Vatican, and so much more.As well as the monuments, we also … À l'arrivé on a dû attendre sur la piste au froid que le prochain bus soit disponible", Points positifs : "Low cost, no complimentary food and no entertaiment" ", Points positifs : "Great company! ", Points positifs : "Le vol" ", Points positifs : "Nice crew, good food." She had an attitude and seemed irritated by my questions, concerns, and overall being there. El personal fue despectivo. L’aeroport De Berlin est Shonefeld.... avec tous ses escaliers, c’est indigne d’une grande capitale de ce beau pays qu’est l’Allemagne!!! This airline offers 56 flights each month between Nice Airport (NCE-Cote dAzur) and Rome Airport (FCO-Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci Intl.). Nice is one of the most important cities in France, and also a major tourist destination. Notre calendrier vous présente mois par mois les billets d’avion … Points négatifs : "No entertainment on board in business. No recomiendo para nada ésta aerolínea. ", Points positifs : "Everything was perfect! Cependant, des restrictions de voyage peuvent s'imposer à certaines régions spécifiques du pays ou à des voyageurs venant de certains pays et territoires étrangers. Points négatifs : "Flight delayed, cofee= prepare yourself a nescoffee (even at business class", Points positifs : "Very nice price" I enjoyed the flight very much and I'm looking forward to the next one. Nice - Rome. Vol Nice Rome Easyjet Distribution par agence agréée. Réservez votre vol Nice-Rome sur swiss.com Cliquez ici pour trouver rapidement des vols bon marché avec SWISS! Rome is a city literally teeming with historic buildings, palaces and museums. Points négatifs : "Both bathroom were not working in business class area. You can easily take bus 98 from Promenade des Arts or hop on bus 99 from Nice's main railway station. As it is only six kilometers from the city center, you do not have to hurry from wherever you are. The only thing I liked is that they provide with hotel room. Points négatifs : "ACTUALLY BRING GUARANTEED A FLIGHT HOME. Actuellement, pour les 30 prochains jours, il y a 50 vols en aller simple entre Nice et Rome. If you compare the price of a lunch meal, however, you can find it from 13.51 GBP in both Nice and Rome. Points négatifs : "Smaller seats than other airlines. I am making sure i post this in all the disabled veteran blogs and my facebook.. once i get better i will be taking you guys to court", Points négatifs : "old plan, dirty. I also think having fresh fruit available in between meals is one of the most appealing things about SWISS." International or holiday flights may need to be purchased even further in advance. Points négatifs : "Salle d’embarquement trop petite, bar très sale et les toilettes n’en parlons pas tout ça a 07h30 qu’est ce que cela doit être en fin de journée. Il n'y a vraiment pas grand chose à redire." No need whatsoever. Points négatifs : "Places limitées pour les jambes et si celui de devant descend le dossier de son siège autant dire qu’on ne respire plus. Le vol le moins cher est au prix de 61 €. Quick flight. Points négatifs : "They scam you on luggage. I had to fly Air France AGAIN, an additional 380 euro and I missed my connecting flight from Paris to jfk costing me an additional $800USD. There are many hotels l… Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for very good reason. Offering 26 monthly flights between Nice (and vicinity) and Rome (and vicinity), they'll make sure your journey is just as good as the destination. Points négatifs : "Equipage un peu arrogant", Points positifs : "Pas grand chose !" Points négatifs : "Would have preferred boarding by row - back of the flight first so would have been more organized. Vol Nice Rome Alitalia Distribution par agence agréée. No pretzels given. Rome has a warm and temperate climate with relatively wet winters and hot summers. ", Points positifs : "Great attentive service even in economy. No entertainment unless one connected to their WiFi. IT : il y a 2 371 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 1 144 décès en date du 30 janv. Points négatifs : "Vieil avion, écrans vraiment pas top (vieillots, pas du tout user friendly), réveil difficile (pleines lumières allumées 1h30 avant l'arrivee apres qqs heures seulement où elles étaient éteintes)", Points positifs : "Spacious seating available/ snack/staff" ", Points positifs : "Everything" How is this even allowed? 2021.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). ", Points négatifs : "L ergonomie des sièges pas adapté au corps humain notamment au niveau des lombaires et nuque dossier trop droit inconfortable", Points négatifs : "On nous a imposé de mettre notre bagage cabine en soute : 20’ de perdue à l’arrivee. ", Points positifs : "Easy to board and easy flight. ", Points négatifs : "Seats in economy section are very close together . Points négatifs : "Checkin fastidieux malgré un web checkin la veille. Pas de grosses prétentions pour un vol d’une demie-heure", Points positifs : "Personnel toujours aussi souriant et pro. Points négatifs : "A l'arrivée à l'aéroport de CDG le personnel de nettoyage a ouvert la porte arrière de l'avion pendant que nous étions en train de sortir à l'avant. Une concentration de monuments incroyable. Arriving at Incheon, discovered ground crew were unaware of our arrival to take this connecting flight. Points négatifs : "I really don't like when at the gate the take your luggage and say you'll be the first to get it at arrival.. And now I'm still waiting.. That's really really annoying", Points positifs : "Amsterdam airport and Rome airport were as breeze to navigate, even only knowing English", Points positifs : "Efficient crew" ", Points négatifs : "Flight cancelled without communication, zero customer service, awful experience, will never fly Aeroflot again", Points positifs : "The best crew ever. However customs would not allow her to board the plane unfortunately. ", Points positifs : "Friendly crew, upgraded seat was worthwhile" Points négatifs : "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri", Points positifs : "The crew were really helpful with people who had tight connections because of the delayed flight" In general the whole aircraft is not convenient", Points positifs : "Brought me home in an hour" Snacks were good though", Points négatifs : "Bloqué plus de 8h à Moscou. ", Points positifs : "Professional crew. Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France. A few little goodies (slippers on a long flight). Pour s'y rendre depuis l'aéroport de Nice, rien de plus simple, le vol Nice Rome ne dure qu'une heure ! Points négatifs : "I could not take the trolies on board. Cumpara acum! Points négatifs : "There was a flight attendant who was of an older demographic who was extremely rude to me and not accommodating at all to myself, my husband, or my children. Please check the full details of your travel restrictions before making your booking. ", Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer", Points positifs : "The flight crew was nice. easyJet is offering the best deal at $110. Points négatifs : "Flight was late and I almost missed my connection to Tel Aviv plane. Book Cheap Flights from Nice to Rome: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Rome. Il est donc très rapide de rejoindre Rome et ce, même pour un weekend. ", Points positifs : "Service en business au top. No choice of have to drinks such as ginger ale. Search, compare, and book flights, trains, and buses to travel from Nice (France)‎ to Rome (Italy)‎. Nice chocolate." We had an issue with seating and no seats together with our 4 and 7 year old. ", Points positifs : "Rapidité efficacité embarquement et vol legerement en avance" ", Points positifs : "The service and food were good." Vol Nice Rome: Cherchez un vol de Nice à Rome sur KAYAK. ", Points négatifs : "You all do not help people who have suffered a loss. Who will pay for this mistake? Points négatifs : "I wish they had WiFi", Points positifs : "The earphones for out two seats only worked intermittently, but the Purser, Lee-Ann handled it professionally and pleasantly. Points négatifs : "Food amount less than expected. The flight crew did everything alright." Poor customer service, no headphones given even though all seats have tv screens - such a small thing can make a difference to overall experience eg providing headphones. Sometimes it was too difficult to watch a movie because the screen was too close to my face. Vols Nice - Rome les moins chers. JPL l" On time Super professional Friendly", Points positifs : "Crew was nice, boarding was quick, flight was smooth and arrived 20 minutes early to our destination. Points négatifs : "A queuing system would be better-it was a bit disorganised at Amsterdam! All Nice to Rome flights leave from Nice Cote d'Azur Airport. ", Points positifs : "Boarding was as expected, crew & food were ok. The old quarter of Nice is a veritable maze of narrow streets and buildings from the "Belle Epoque".Just in front of the old quarter stands Castle Hill, which is ninety metres high and offers breathtaking … For over five hours I tried to use the restroom and she kept yelling at me to sit back in my seat, in spite the fact that several other people were using the restroom and several other people were up and moving about, she singled me out and wouldn't let me get up without harassing me. Points négatifs : "I am not used to going through Baggage Claim and then checking in again at airports but after I figured it out it was ok", Points positifs : "For the first time, in many years, cabin crew apologized for delay" Once in Rome, you should know that Termini Station is the largest in the city and it can be … Points négatifs : "Attentente après embarquement pour descendre sur la piste et rentrer dans l’avion. The chart below shows the cheapest flight prices by month for Nice to Rome, Italy flights. 1. ", Points positifs : "Le pilote très aimable" Connectez-vous à plus de 100 destinations en Italie et dans le monde entier depuis Nice. Points négatifs : "The boarding crew people were non professional. ", Points positifs : "Personnel au top (Adria Airways) Embarquement très bien même si transfert en bus depuis le terminal" Shame on you aeroflot! Génère du stress. Points négatifs : "Toujours pas de divertissement sur les Airbus A321 entre Moscou et Genève et bagages n'ont pas suivis. The trip from New York to Amsterdam seemed a lot more comfortable than the return flight. ", Points négatifs : "Rude ground staff at Athens airport, unable to check in online prior to flight, had to wait in line for over an hour for a connecting flight and run to the gate to then be told I was on standby for my next connecting flight. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. Published 15.01.2021. The flight itself was good", Points négatifs : "I will never fly with this BS company! Pas d'information sur les conditions d'embarquement malgré l'heure de retard", Points positifs : "Crew was fine" Collaborateurs à bord très sympathique et souriant. Points négatifs : "I was not made aware, until I got to the gate and was boarding, that a personal item (that was small enough to easily fit under my seat), would not be allowed on the plane without incurring a $60 Euro charge. Flexible on when you visit? Points négatifs : "Retard à l'embarquement et surtout pour récupérer les valises orly ouest", Points négatifs : "I didn’t like sitting at the gate for a long time without being told what the delay was all about. Selling items during flight. She solved it for us/ She did her best to give us the places we asked for. This airport handles millions of passengers every year, as it is a major tourist destination. The historical centre has palaces, columns, temples, fountains, and ancient sites at every turn! But these 2 flights Detroit to Amsterdam and back changed my mind. My preferred way to travel from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca. Kind of pointless. Points négatifs : "Virgin Atlantic is still much better. Good experience." Cheap, quick, and easy ways to explore any destination I would definitely book with Kayak again. Around 19.00, the plane took off the Zurich airport eventually, finish the 1.5 hours delay. Quel est le temps de vol entre Nice et Rome ? Not impressed. KAYAK est un moteur de recherche dédié au voyage, qui parcourt le Web à la recherche des meilleurs prix que nous puissions trouver pour nos utilisateurs. You guys didn’t allow to bring our carryons in to airplane and was a little short, she forced us to pay for them and send to the big luggage. Crew rather basic as far as manners are concerned. Had to wait 5 hours. ... France - Vol Nice + Cannes + Monaco Rome Connect with us. On ne voit pratiquement rien sur les écrans selon où est situé dans l’avion", Points positifs : "Crew was great. En à peine une heure, votre vol Nice-Rome pas cher vous permet, que ce soit pour un séjour court ou long, de découvrir un certain nombre de sites d'exception, abrités par une ville aux multiples dimensions, mais pour plus profiter des attraits de Rome, il semble préférable de choisir hôtels à Rome, en même temps … Propreté aleatoiee", Points positifs : "Poor food poor seats...it was bad service", Points négatifs : "Stuart and stuardess was not nice at all. ", Points positifs : "The check in staff was rude and refused to change the really bad seats they have assigned to us. New, clean aircraft. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour Rome depuis Nice. I sat in the middle seat between two hours other men. Vol nice rome passeport enfant périmé . In Nice. The cabin crew were great to talk with :)", Points positifs : "Nothing" No lotion in bathroom. Signaler. i was sweating through my clothes. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes. Fast flight to make up for delay." There are 5 weekly flights from Nice, France to Rome; Air Malta has the most nonstop flights between Nice, France and Rome; Paris, France - Charles De Gaulle Airport is the most popular connection for one stop flights between Nice, France and Rome; In-Flight information. ", Points positifs : "Le personnel naviguant, l'avion la gentillesse" ", Points positifs : "the lady in your desk was nice and extremely helpful. ", Points positifs : "The staff was wonderful - super friendly and kind. Bon vol malgré les perturbations" Around 17.45, they announced gate changing from B to A which located at opposite side of the the airport so all passengers run there because of everyone afraid that their booking might be canceled because no one agrees to give up. Pretty poor food as a whole. Good boarding." Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. ", Points positifs : "Sound was broken on my TV set!" ", Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord a été sympa, l'embarquement assez rapide. Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris and Strasbourg in France; Rome, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Southampton, Athens and Venice in Europe and Mediterranean Basin. Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. ", Points positifs : "Punctuality, food and drinks, friendly crew, safety", Points positifs : "Friendly staff, they were very helpful and smiled" Points négatifs : "nothing", Points positifs : "The flight was on time - which is unheard off" When is the cheapest time to fly to Rome? ", Points positifs : "Excellent flight. All the announcements were given in English and were very understandable. Points négatifs : "10 minutes delay at departure. On m'a aussi dit que mon vol serait retardé le temps de régler ce problème alors qu'il a décollé à l'heure, sans que je puisse le prendre. Gate change w/o enough notice. ", Points positifs : "Le vol de Swiss était comme d'habitude agréable et sympa. Points négatifs : "Personnel de cabine pourrait être plus serviable..", Points négatifs : "Luggage is coming soon))(tomorrow)", Points positifs : "Terrible rude counter staff" Points négatifs : "Tickets might be cheaper. Le personnel ne fait pas respecter les priorités et les files. The problem was that the crew could not get the door on the p;lane open to give us back our luggage on landing. ", Points positifs : "On time, fast and efficient." How long is the flight from Nice to Rome? Points négatifs : "Absolute worst experience in 15 years of frequent travel. Points négatifs : "Delayed for 3,5 hours", Points négatifs : "My mother (88 yrs of age) solicited help stowing her luggage from one crew member, and was refused! If you compare the price of a lunch meal, however, you can find it from 13.51 GBP in both Nice and Rome. ", Points positifs : "On a bien arrivé." Chez Swiss : impossible de réserver puisque j'ai réservé chez ANA... Repas franchement mauvais, rien de japonais, pas de chopsticks alors que la moitié des passagers étaient japonais. Points négatifs : "EVERYTHING ELSE", Points négatifs : "The plane was very hot from the previous flight, and it didn’t seem like the AC was doing much. Points négatifs : "A bit more friendly boarding", Points positifs : "Nothing" ", Points négatifs : "Boarding was crazy. Food was shockingly great. Points négatifs : "No entainment", Points positifs : "Les hôtesses et les Stewart très professionnels ! Si vous pouvez vous permettre un peu de spontanéité, faites votre recherche avec des dates flexibles. Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "Personnel assez souriant. In civilized word this suppose to be done on the spot. Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. ", Points positifs : "I would have been nice to have a USB plug in if there is no entertainment. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced. personnel desagreable. Fly from Nice (NCE) to Rome (FCO) and travel with great customer service, award-winning in-flight menus and modern aircrafts. Not sure if we’ll get a refund. ", Points positifs : "Steal money!!!! Points négatifs : "Too much A/C and I couldn't turn it down. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. Un vol de Nice à Rome dure, en moyenne, 1h10. Consultez le tableau ci-dessus pour connaître : La distance entre Nice et Rome; La distance entre Nice et Rome A very comfortable trip." ", Points positifs : "quick boarding (small plane, not many people). Les gouvernements régionaux d'Italie peuvent également imposer des restrictions aux voyageurs de certains pays étrangers, et les voyageurs ayant l'intention de voyager ou de revenir en Italie sont invités à vérifier si de nouvelles dispositions ont été introduites par leur région de destination.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLes voyageurs arrivant de pays européens (à l'exception de la Belgique, de la France, des Pays-Bas, de la Tchéquie, de l'Espagne, du Royaume-Uni et de l'Irlande du Nord), de l'espace Schengen, d'Andorre, de Monaco, de Saint-Marin et de la Cité du Vatican peuvent entrer dans le pays sans devoir justifier leurs raisons de voyage et sans devoir s'isoler. Not a big choice for food. Points négatifs : "Boarding was delayed and prolonged My Baggage was not transferred and was not available when I arrived in Dulles. so finally i missed my transit. Points négatifs : "The heat! We dad a problem with the registration of one of out tickets. Points négatifs : "They asked us to board early but didn’t turn the a/c on. ", Points positifs : "Quick and easy to board." ", Points positifs : "Crew super" SVO was disorganized, both international flights NYC and Düsseldorf were boarding from the same gate pocket (22 and 21) at the same time. He's A-1 in my book." À Nice, vous partirez de l’aéroport de Nice : Nice Côte d'Azur. Sorry I do not know her name. 7 astuces pour trouver le bon vol Nice - Rome; Si vos dates sont flexibles, essayez donc de faire une recherche sur tout le mois pour les vols Nice - Rome; Informations utiles avant de réserver votre vol Nice - Rome.