RÉSERVÉ A PATRICK ** TIMMY ** - Chaton de Arabella & Quarterback - M... ale - Mélange British Shorthair et American Shorthair - Couleur Bleu Mink et Blanc - Aura les yeux couleur Vert ou Aqua - Née le 17 novembre 2020 _____ RESERVED TO PATRICK ** TIMMY ** - Kitten of Arabella & Quarterback - Male - Mix of British Shorthair and American Shorthair - Color Blue Mink & White - … Nous sommes un petit elevage familial près de Versailles en région parisienne, nos chatons peuvent être des british shorthair ou des british longhair. In fact, this tendency toward inactivity means it’s a good idea to regularly engage your cat in play for his own health and mental stimulation. Des chatons sont à naître prochainement. FIV FELV négatif. Ils sont black silver shaded et Seal silv...... lire la suite, 3 magnifiques chatons British ont vu le jour le 15 octobre 2020 � la suite du mariage de Lookman du Montauriol, British Shorthair fawn n� LOOF 2015.26034 avec Double H Joumalia dite Ch�taigne British Shorthair chocolat n� LOOF 2015.3494,: Post-war, however, the remaining bloodlines were crossed with other breeds including the Domestic Shorthair, Russian Blue, and Persian breeds to preserve their existence. Taking reservations for our next litter of British Shorthair Kittens. Les b�b�s vivent avec nous, et sont habitu�s aux chiens . 1 male chocolat au prix de 1300 � ... KITTENS / CHATON 2013. Look at pictures of British Shorthair kittens who need a home. British Shorthair cats. The patient and affectionate British Shorthair “Cheshire cat” seems to be a cat right out of a Disney movie! Anything Look…Weird? The cats colonized the area and were a common street cat for centuries. Other organizations followed suit including the International Cat Association in 1979 and the Cat Fanciers Association in 1980. Le chat British Shorthair peut être de toutes les couleurs, du blanc au crème en passant par le roux, le lilas, le chocolat et le noir, même si le bleu est le plus apprécié. In the late 1800’s, a British man named Harrison Wier is credited with becoming the first cat breeder. 1 femelle chocolat au prix de 1300� Le British-Shorthair fut la première race de chat à poils courts reconnue comme chat de race en Angleterre. British Fawn; British Bleu; Chatterie de virvarnon . Chatterie familiale, élevage de chats British longhair et shorthair. BLUE SANDS - British Shorthair - Femelles - Lee Love Blue Sands . Nose leather and paw pads: pink. However, they can be at risk for Hemophilia B, which is a hereditary bleeding disorder. Nearly everything on the British Shorthair is round—these cats have a round head, bright round eyes, chubby cheeks, round paws, and a tail with a rounded tip. Notre sélection de chatteries et élevages de chats British Shorthair dans le département Moselle. The British Shorthair is slow to mature; on average, these cats reach full-size by about the age of three, but some don’t fully mature until the age of five. British Shorthair cat breed. If the cat did not have that gene it would be one of the base colours. Les r�servations sont possible ( UNIQUEMENT avec r�glements , plusieurs fe...... lire la suite, Plus d'infos et de photos sur notre site principal: www.selkirk.fr This breed was first prized for its physical strength and hunting ability. Oregon We ship our kittens to any city in the USA. First come first serve. Willkommen au f unser Website! Take one look at the British Shorthair and you’ll immediately be drawn in by his pleasant expression and round features. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Chats et chatons, Chats adorables, Chats gris. Think of white as a coloured cat with the colour switched off. The British Shorthair is a popular cat breed for its easy personality and independent nature. Blue silver tabby coloured British Shorthair cats. It is still considered one of the minority breeds in CFA. Les parents sont test�s pour les maladies connues. Groupe sanguin Ab. Trois chatons sont nés le 5 mai 2019. Vous avez déjà la possibilité de vous inscrire sur liste d'attente. A cluster of whiskers protrudes from just below and to either side of the nose. While these cats are typically not vocal beggars and don’t generally put forth the energy required to jump onto counters or tables, it’s best to avoid teaching them bad habits by feeding them food from your plate at mealtimes. Selection. Like all cats, the British Shorthair benefits from a balanced diet with quality ingredients. It’s a very attractive combination, a bit more subtle than the black silver tabby. If you have children or other pets in the home, these cats are likely to be tolerant and accepting—as long as they can have their personal space. Ils ont un caract�re tr�s doux et extr�ment proche de l�homme. Un coup de foudre lors d'une exposition pour ce chat tout en rondeur, au look de petit tigre blanc, et, nous voilà … Bienvenue sur le site des chats de ghislaine! Welcome to Shining Blue Cats British Shorthair Cattery! Née le 22/08/2016 . British Shorthair Blue - BRI a. Groupe sanguin: Aa Père: Grand Euro Champion (GEC) Copain de St Martin de Tilleul - BRI c Mère: Gina des Etoiles - BRI a Odd-eyed whites shall have one deep sapphire blue and one gold eye with equal color depth. Nos chatons sont disponibles pour ...... lire la suite, Visibilit� : plus de 859 000 visites par mois sur Annonces-Animalieres.com et Eleveurs-Online.com. The first breed registry to recognize the British Shorthair was the American Cat Association in 1967. C'est aujourd'hui une race présente dans tous les pays du monde. Seul élevage français de Black Silver inscrit à la FIFÉ. In fact, this breed is sometimes referred to as the British Blue. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our. Ils occupent tout l'espace de notre maison et ont également un enclos extérieur à leur disposition. Take your time to understand this breed’s personality and care requirements before committing to a new furry family member. BRITISH SHORTHAIR COLORS WHITE: pure white, untipped with yellow. Trouvez un chaton British Shorthair à l'achat dans le 57 grâce à notre annuaire d'éleveurs ! Eye Color: Copper, green, gold, blue, odd-eyed. As far as personality goes, the British Shorthair is one cool cat. Guard against letting the British Shorthair become obese. Click for more pictures & videos / Cliquer pour plus de photos & vidéos Meow! We have been breeding British Shorthair and Scottish Fold in Montreal since 2004 and specialize in finding loving homes for our kittens across Canada and the USA. The nose leather ought to be blue according to the standard, while the paw pads may be blue or pink. The British Longhair retains all the same features but sports a longer coat. In spring, these cats will lose more fur as they shed their winter coat, so you may need to brush them more frequently during this time period. contact@britishshorthairblue.com. chatons. For many years, the British Shorthair has been named as the country’s most popular breed according to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), and with his affectionate nature and teddy-bear good looks, it’s not hard to see why. Breeders then had to work to create a true British Shorthair with both the blue colouration and the handsome traits of the original line. Elevage de chats de race British Shorthair Bleu et Lilas. It seems that when the Roman forces invaded England during their period of empire expansion, they brought along cats to protect their food supplies from rodents. PKD négatif. Coat Color: Colors include solid white, black, red, cream, and blue (most common), also bi-color, tabby, calico, smoke, and shaded varieties. N° de portée LOOF-16687186-2020-1 What a great gift of love for your family and yourself! If you do, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal, dignified pet to enjoy for years to come. The British Shorthair is not overly demanding when it comes to grooming or attention, and they’re not a very vocal breed. Chatons British Shorthair à naître à l'automne 2021 Particulier. BRITISH SHORTHAIR bleu. 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Chat British Shorthair" de Sarah Noat sur Pinterest. Le British est une race de chats doux, c�lins, joueurs et proches de son ma�tre. ! Thanks to a robust genetic pool, the British Shorthair is a healthy breed that isn’t known for being plagued with many genetic problems. These cats come with many different coat colors, but a striking blue color is one of the most popular. While these cats are sturdy and solid, they shouldn’t become pudgy. Some describe the cat as having a happy smile, while others contend that it has a sour expression. Les parents sont test�s FIV/FELV/PKD n�gatif. Chatons british shorthair et longhair loof, 3 magnifiques chatons british shorthair/longhair, Chatons british loof , paiement 3x/livraison, Magnifiques chatons british shorthair loof, Offre de service et de prestation dans le domaine animalier. Platon des Lao Gong (dit Yuki) black golden shaded et Velvet (dite Tokyo, ...... lire la suite, A r�server magnifiques chatons British shorthair Bleus et lilas issuent des plus belles lign�es internationales. ... C'est un British Shorthair bleu pesant 5kg. Les parents et les b�b�s vivent au sein de notre famille et re�oivent tout...... lire la suite, Jolie femelle british shorthair Loof black golden shell n�e le 27 septembre 2020, disponible � la r�servation, sera puc�e et vaccin�e avant son d�part le 20 d�cembre 2020. You might also be interested in learning more about these related breeds: Erica Puisis is an animal enthusiast with first-hand experience in equine and canine health and behavior. We are American Breeders. The nose of the British shorthair cat is short. Livret d'accueil. These cats come with many different coat colors, but a striking blue color is one of the most popular. À Liège. Very few cat registries recognize the British Longhair as a separate breed. One of England’s oldest cat breeds, the British Shorthair actually has Roman roots. Cliquez ici pour faire votre demande aupr�s de nos �leveurs. Recevez une alerte lorsqu'une annonceBritish shorthair est diffus�e. Additional penalties and disqualifications are listed under colors. Il y a également des variétés tortie, tabby et spotted, alors que, en 1991, on a également admis les … Very gentle and affectionate. Most people find that the British Shorthair matures from a playful kitten into a dignified yet sociable adult cat. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Cats come in three base colours, black, chocolate and cinnamon. Elevage de british shorthair, beau type, belle tête, région centre, les chatons partagent notre quotidien et vivent avec nous dans notre maison. Elevage professionnel vend superbes chatons poils longs ou courts, uniquement LOOF, vaccin�s, puc�s Feed your cat a quantity that is proportionate to his age, activity, and energy levels. Look at pictures of British Shorthair kittens who need a home. Blue was, and still is, the most common color both here and in Great Britain. Why buy a British Shorthair kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? identifié Icad. This lovely variety of British Shorthair has a ground colour of pale silvery blue with darker blue markings. Deux mâles Shorthair bleu et une femelle Shorthair bleue. It’s interesting to note that the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland was based on the British Shorthair. L.O.O.F. 1 femelle noire au prix de 1300� We do not import our kittens from Europe. Not every blue cat is a British Shorthair. The breed features dense, plush short hair—with more hair per square inch than any other cat breed.

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