Un día, Corteo se niega a venderle licor a la mafía. He answers the call and doesn't say anything until he hears someone on the other line. Barbero says that everyone's a suspect. He calls it "The Lodge." Listening, Angelo grins as he says that the Orcos are ahead of them and the Vanettis behind. Smoking, Nero says he doesn't know. While staring at Ronald and Fio, Vanno stuffs a cupcake in his mouth. Seven years ago, on his birthday in April 1921, his father, mother, and little brother were murdered by Vincento Vanetti and … 91 Days. Suddenly concerned, Vanno asks if he asked his father about it. tress - 22 - east coast. Angelo asks that he started smoking. He says that he can kill her as well. Cerotto asks if he wants to go to Chicago. Corteo asks his to leave. He begins crying and demands to know why Avilio should live when he's dead. Corteo hands her a bunch of money and asks if it will cover it. 91 Days. Cerotto apologizes and says that he hadn't. Nero walks up to Corteo and says that he said he didn't want to work with Fango. He says that he's going to get drunk off of him. Cerotto nervously says that it's nice to see him. Nero says that he can't believe that they called them out there just to check the carpet color. Angelo exhales his cigarette and says that he has it backwards; if he abandons his revenge, he loses his reason for living. I felt like Dad held me in contempt for it. They all exit the room with Barbero stopping momentary to stare at Angelo. Suddenly, Fango raises his gun at them and shouts that he'd never be able to forgive him as he points the gun at Angelo. Now in the car with Angelo, Nero, and Cerotto, Cerotto asks where they're going, but notes that there's no way they can escape anyways. Smiling, Vanno says that Avilio has a way with words. Ronald says that if he insists, go right ahead, but he's the one who'll have to wipe his kid's ass for him. Corteo begins gulping it down but begins to choke. Angelo says that that's what Granchio said at first, too. Once inside his room, Avilio yanks off his tie and kicks his table. Barbero says that they want to manufacture his Lawless Heaven there. 91 Days (ナインティワンデイズ , lit. When Luce gave the signal, the three started to run. Just having murdered Fango, Corteo walks quickly though the streets of Lawless, trying to make his way to the train station. But he had a timid side to him. Corteo (91 Days) Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno; Corteo's mother; Friendship; Childhood Trauma; Loss of Parent(s) Home; Summary. Avilio doesn't react to this but it surprised when someone calls out to Nero. Smiling, Corteo looks up at Barbero and asks "Avilio's in your way, isn't he? Corteo says that he isn't, so Fango asks loudly if there are any other Neros there. Fango asks who Corteo is then, and Avilio says he doesn't know. Avilio finishes "Watching an ass strut around in a lion's skin." You made a few blunders along the way, but the way you killed Vanno had style." He tries to light a cigarette and, after briefly failing, crushes it in his fist. Signalé lien mort. Corteo says that it looks like they're stopping all the boats at the bridges too. La historia está ambientada en la era de la ley seca en los Estados Unidos, y sigue a Angelo Lagusa en su búsqueda de venganza contra la familia Vanetti. 2016. Suivant. Nero turns around and tells them to find the traitor. Barbero tells Nero that more and more bars are passing on buying their liquor. Madre Corteo Corteo was born in the early 1910s. Nero says that he was as he pulls off his beard and smooths back his hair. Corteo deja que Bruno se quede en su casa; cuando él se duerme, Bruno se va. Pasaron 7 años hasta que volvieron a verse. Conseil en Optimisisation de Coûts Télécoms. He then asks Nero how it's happening. He puts down the bottle and recipe and picks up his golf club. Corteo, looking uncomfortable, he says in the kitchen of his apartment. Fango says that they'll kill Nero next time and then the Vanettis will be through. 4. Angelo says please as the letter falls on the floor. Desconocida Angelo asks why he sent the letter to him. He announces to no one that he's home with a gloomy voice. Ganzo says that he had a feeling about Carmelo from the start. Corteo was watching Luce’s feet. Corteo looked on despairingly and Angelo fumbles around in his pockets. Avilio and Corteo walk up to their table and Avilio puts a jar on the table and asks what he thinks. Corteo says that it's a party and they should enjoy themselves. Avilio chases them, but they get into a car and drive off. With his eyes wide open, he gasps that he can't see and asks where he went. Fango swings heavily without hitting it, then asks how he was. Corteo looks horrified at him and then Avilio hands him the letter. He seems to enjoy it and hands it to Granchio as he says that they'll buy it. Ronald stands and is about to try and punch him again when Vanno pulls him back. Read more information about the character Corteo from 91 Days? When the door opens, she sees Angelo and Corteo enter. Since Fango's gone, they're done for. They both notice a red car driveby and Barbero gets out of the car. Rate. Corteo explains that Vanno was killed. 91 Days is a Japanese anime television series. Corteo's Beware of the Nice Ones moment at the end of this episode is truly disturbing and at the same time heartwrenching to watch. Angelo agrees and hangs up. However, in episode 10, he is shown without his glasses and his hair slicked down and wavy, down to his chin. Barbero laughs at this. Corteo and Angelo sit beside each other on the step. Fango says that he heard they'd kill Orco for him. Barbero tells someone on the phone that he'll send them money right away and that he'll leave the rest to him. This shocks Delphy and Corteo. Fango agrees that rules are important and says that that's why he's there. En abril de 1921, el día del cumpleaños de Bruno, él fue a su casa a jugar. Tigre spits into his wine glass and, smiling, says that it seems they're about to start. "Serpente" mumbles something but seems to be gagged. Inside the garage, Nero, Ganzo, and Avilio look at the damage. Fango says he should speak up sooner as he pushes Corteo towards Serpente. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Debut 91 Days, qui passent bien vite vu que la série ne fait que douze épisodes, nous entraîne aux côtés d'Angelo/Avilio, un brave garçon qui a survécu au massacre de sa famille par le clan Vanetti, et qui reçoit des années plus tard une mystérieuse lettre qui lui donne les noms des coupables. Nero and Gatto shoot at each other but they are both behind cover. Niño He turns around and says that he is Nero Vanetti. Avilio bends down, still pointing the gun at him, and tells him to take him to the body and that if it's not there, he'll kill him. Avilio doesn't react to this and continues to look down as Barbero also enters the office. Ve a Bruno solo e inmediatamente se dirige a abrirle la puerta. Avilio watches this without emotion. CORTEO accompagne ses clients dans l’amélioration de leurs performances au travers de solutions d’optimisation et d’outils d’aide à la décision en terme de : externalisation des achats télécoms, energétiques, charges sociales. Luce had grown tired just earlier and demanded to be carried, but Elena told him to walk properly and refused now that he was a little older, saying being carried is for babies. He says that it's excellent, though he gets under his skin. Smiling, Vanno smokes a cigarette and says that they can't go back there for a while. Rate. Losing everything he holds dear, he leaves both his name and hometown behind, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno. Testa catches both of them and pats their heads cheerfully. He calls it Maestro Vanno's special Lawless-style cioppino. Fango smiles and slams on the gas and pulls the wheel sharply, following them. Nero smiles and shouts back that he'd be happy to. Serpente inches the knife closer as Corteo's neck as he tries to push his hand away. He then throws the bottle into the water. Avilio says that's funny, as he heard they lost some turf downtown to the Orco family. He smiles and spits to the side, but actually spits on a boot. Angelo says that they claim to be his dad's best friend and want to help him with my revenge. Fango apologizes for interrupting and says that he's looking for Nero Vanetti. Inglés No one says anything for a moment, and Fango finishes that Angelo had told him that Nero had a plan. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Blue eyes and Black hair that is To Ears length. Ep: 1 Ep: 2 Ep: 3 Ep: 4 Ep: 5 Ep: 6 Ep: 7 Ep: 8 Ep: 9 Ep: 10 Ep: 11 Ep: 12 Ep: 13. He says that Vanno probably killed Serpente to get even, and he bets Nero knew about it. Fango says that he doesn't know if he can hold out. Corteo slips the envelope into Avilio's coat pocket. Corteo smiles back at him. He sits up and looks at the bottles of whisky around the apartment. Barbero hands Nero a newspaper, and Nero reads out loud that Delphy exposes multiple establishments selling bootleg liquor. Coreto confirms this. His father had been friends with Angelo’s from the Moreno Family, but was a lower ranking member. Barbero says they still can't let him go alone. Suddenly, Angelo rushes in and hits the brother in the head with a wrench and he passes out. Angelo asks if he wants some coffee and they both go into his room to sit on the bed and drink it. Corteo says that he never went there. Outside, Angelo spots Corteo walking out of the building. It's an eye for an eye. TV Show: 91 Days Histórico. Cerotto says that he hadn't told Avilio about that bar and asks what really happened because he might be able to help. He stares at the knife sticking out of the ham on the table. Sus familias siempre se llevaron bien y además, entre ellos, hay un gran vinculo familiar. Granchio agrees and leaves with the glass. Fio walks interupts, asking what's wrong. His wife says that he works too much and that he should take some time off. He could steal your position as Nero's right hand." That's why, to get him to acknowledge me, I've thrown myself into my work, done a lot of killing. When he tore off the wrapping and popped the candy in his mouth, Luce’s frown transformed into a smile. Avilio slowly pushes the knife into Fango's throat and blood begins to trickle out. As Avilio is in the doorway, Corteo throws the money at him and it explodes all over the floor. Barbero says that since Corteo and Avilio have known each other so long, and since Avilio's covered for Corteo before, he feels a bit uneasy about him. Day 9 — Black and Deep Desires. Fango asks if the man with the gun is Nero, and he confirms he is. Corteo says that if you liquefy paraffin, then mix it with water, it'll blow. Nero says that he must be the crazy guy that joined Orco. Both of them are surprised and Corteo says he has a message from Avilio; "Bring Tigre and come to the Island. He plans every assassination cautiously until he finally manages to kill a… In the end, maybe nothing's really changed since then..." Avilio looks back slightly angry and says "But you could kill him now, right? Nero says that he heard he got messed up in the European war. Corteo tells him that the church on the Island was converted into a bar. Corteo stands up to follow him, but when he walks past Delphy, Delphy shoves the money in front of his chest and says that he forgot it. Corteo says that if they stay there, Tigre will die, as will they. Two men have their guns pointed at them. That kid you failed to shoot seven years ago. He looks down at Angelo with a blank expression. He begs Avilio to wait and says that he didn't kill Vanno. Vince cuts him off and says that he sees what he's saying, but orders him to leave Nero to him. Brandon McInnis is the English dub voice of Corteo in 91 Days, and Soma Saito is the Japanese voice. Outside of Cerotto's Bar, Serpente tells Tigre that if word of Serpente's body gets out, it's going to cause a lot of trouble. The four men look at Nero nervously as he slowly inches towards his boot. Outside the playhouse, Angelo hides in a dark alley. 17-ene-2017 - Fernando Barrera descrubrió este Pin. - He turns and looks at Cerotto and Corteo who are both staring at him. He gulps down the rest of his drink then stands up to leave. They pray to God before eating. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. He passes his cigarette to Nero and he says the the booze was good after taking a drag and that it'll make them lots of money. When they walk in, they sit on either side of him. As Angelo sees him, Corteo smiles back at him. Before he can answer, a man at the front door yells and falls to the ground. Seven years prior to the story, his family was murdered by the Vanetti Family. Angelo takes out a handkerchief and wiped Luce’s hands. Luckily, the counter is iron-plated. On the phone in his apartment, Avilio says to someone to let him know if they find him and then hangs up. Nero says that first they find Corteo and then everything else will come after that. Cerotto comes out and throws a gun over to Nero. At the Lodge, Corteo lifts up a box and carries it close to the door. Inside the tunnel, Nero knocks on the door. Corteo yells that he's the one who dragged him into everything. Losing everything he holds dear, he leaves both his name and hometown behind, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno. Back in the present, Corteo opens a bottle and pours it out, saying that they can start over together. Tigre sits on the steps and notices a group of kids playing with a ball. Fango takes a sip of liquor and says that it's good. Angelo takes a sip and says that he only has the one cup as he passes it to Corteo.